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Curriculum Area: PSHE

Subject Leader: Mrs Beth Rowland  


PSHE Intent Statement


The intent of the Scheme of work is to support the children at Brookfield in leading successful and happy lives now and in the future, enabling them to make informed decisions regarding their well-being, health, relationships and to build their self-worth. Everyone faces difficult decisions and challenging situations. Our curriculum gives the children the knowledge and skill to develop their capacity to make informed decisions, developing their resilience and know when and where to ask for support. Our aim is to support the children in becoming well-rounded individuals and respected citizens.



PSHE at Brookfield is taught using the PSHE association which covers all objectives taken from the National Curriculum document. The teaching staff will follow this scheme of work and use the planning element and resources available to them, however, may add to their lesson with resources that they feel appropriate. During these sessions an emphasis is placed on active learning and encouraging mindfulness through planned discussions, circle-time, investigations, role-play activities, puppets, group-work and problem-solving.

Some elements of PSHE are taught effectively as a separate, explicit subject.

In addition to this, PSHE is taught through cross curricular links, assemblies (often the theme for these identifies, promotes and celebrates Modern British Values), circle time and other activities or school events (residential visits, enrichment, special activities planned to allow the children to work together under different circumstances), and School Council, which provide links with parents and members of the outside community. A whole school approach is be used to implement the programme. The following areas are covered by our PSHE curriculum-  which is offered though discreet whole school themed days/weeks:

  • Relationships Education (see separate policy)
  • Physical and Mental Health and Wellbeing
  • The curriculum offers discreet whole school themed days/weeks on:
  • Anti-Bullying
  • Keeping Healthy, Keeping Safe
  • On-Line Safety


Beyond timetabled PSHE lessons, pupils are supported in applying the skills they are learning, in real-life situations as they arise: e.g. resolving conflicts; working as part of a group on a project and sharing their thoughts on a school matter to a wider group.

Children are encouraged to take part in a range of practical activities to promote active citizenship, e.g. charity fund-raising; the planning of special events at school; making class rules; school council meetings; and by taking on roles of responsibility for themselves, for others and for the school.

We teach PSHE to all our pupils, regardless of their ability.

Learning opportunities are matched to the individual needs of children with learning differences.

Activities and debates challenge our most able pupils to formulate personal views based on evidence they research and discuss.



Teachers assess the children’s learning by making informal judgements as they observe them during lessons, this takes the form of live marking and feedback and encourages metacognition strategies such as self reflection.

We have clear expectations of what the pupils will know, understand and be able to do at the end of each key stage.

We keep records of the contribution to the life of the school and community in photograph and video form and these are commented on on the end of year report. The children also have the opportunity to collect Children's University credits for any contributions to school life.

Our Celebration Assembly also celebrates personal achievements outside school.