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Computing Intent Statement



At Brookfield Community Primary School, our computing curriculum follows the Teach Computing Scheme of work. This intends to prepare our children for the ever changing world of technology and develop their skills for the future. We intend to provide the children with an exciting and enriching curriculum designed to enable them to use computational thinking and creativity to develop their understanding of the world.

Our computing curriculum has deep links with mathematics, design and technology and engineering. Our curriculum also encourages children to use ICT and computational thinking to create work, solve problems and develop thinking which in turn will help to them to contribute to the society we live in, as adults.

We intend for our pupils to be fluent with a range of tools and programs and hope that by Upper Key Stage 2, children have the confidence and independence to choose the best tool and program to fulfil a task or challenge set by the teachers.


We will achieve our intentions through ensuring that we have:

  • A clear and effective computing scheme of work which provides coverage in line with the National Curriculum.
  • A clear progression document which embeds and covers all elements of the computing National Curriculum and details the logically sequenced skills and knowledge  to be taught in each year group ensuring clear progression and the acquisition of age-appropriate skills.
  • Progression in teaching and learning across all key stages within the strands of computer science, information technology and digital literacy.
  • Accurate analysis of pupils’ work and learning walks, which will be completed each term, to ensure progression and NC coverage.
  • Access to Chromebooks and iPads (and computers in EYFS) across the key stages, to aid in implementation of skills and knowledge.
  • Children who have the opportunity to explore, discuss and respond to key issues including cyberbullying, online safety, social media and security.
  • Wider curriculum links which are implemented including: links with mathematics, design and technology and history.
  • Instil in our children the importance of online safety with a high profile. This is reflected in school displays and further coverage is completed throughout the key stages.
  • Parents who are informed when issues relating to online safety arise.
  • Communication between teachers and parents provided via Class Dojo. Student accounts available for remote learning access.


We will measure the impact of our curriculum intentions through monitoring and evaluation which includes staff and pupil voice and against the following criteria - ensuring that children will:

  •  be prepared for both future education and jobs, with a bank of computing skills and knowledge.
  •  be confident when using technology and be able to achieve their desired goals.
  •  able to use their computational thinking and apply this to their everyday lives.
  • have a secure and comprehensive knowledge of digital systems and technology.
  • be able to apply the British values (democracy, tolerance, mutual respect, rule of law and liberty) when using different systems and technology.