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Year 3 - Mrs Napier

Welcome to Year 3

General Information


There are 25 children in Year 3. 

During the year we cover a variety of different subjects such as:

- Maths                                - History

- English                             - Geography

- Science                             - Art

- D and T                            - Computing

- PE                                    - RE        

- PSHE                   



During our English sessions, we follow Talk 4 Write. In Year 3, we cover: discussion, narrative, instructions, explanations, information, poetry, persuasion and recounts.



We use Lancashire maths across the school which covers a selection of different areas including: place value, addition and subtraction, multiplication and division, measurements, geometry, statistics, fractions, telling the time and much more.



Year 3 science is full of interesting and exciting topics such as animals, including humans, plants, rocks and volcanoes.



Topic involves a variety of different subjects. During this time we will be looking at a  selection of different areas such as Romans, making mazes, locations in the UK and Stonehenge art, different religions, improving geography skills and map reading.




Our P.E. Day is Tuesday.


Please ensure your child has a full P.E kit, with their name written in their t-shirt, shorts and pumps.


P.E. kits can be purchased from the school office or from the local supermarket.

Please don't allow your child to come to school with earrings in on the day of PE.




Your child will be assessed throughout the year. This is so that your child is challenged and enjoys the activities set for him/her.


We use age related expectations to record your child's achievements. 


We expect your child to be 'on track' to reach the end of year age related expectations. However, this doesn't always go to plan, sometimes children need a little support. If this is the case, there are interventions that support and direct children so that they can achieve to the best of their abilities.


We will report to you three times a year (Autumn Parent's Evening, Spring Parent's Evening and Summer Reports). 

Lego Adventures


The children worked with Stephen and created many different houses after studying homes during the Stone Age.


Year Three children enjoying their Lego afternoon!

Year Three children enjoying their Lego afternoon! 1
Year Three children enjoying their Lego afternoon! 2
Year Three children enjoying their Lego afternoon! 3