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Year 3 - Mrs Napier

What to expect during Year Three.


The children's learning whilst in Year three will consist of the children being assessed and then activities and work being planned to meet their ever developing needs on their learning journey. 


I will continue to follow the Government guidelines and continue to make the classroom as safe as possible for each and every child.


Each morning when I get into the classroom, the windows and doors are opened and all the tables, door handles and chairs are re-sanitised. The hand sanitisers are filled and tissues and paper towels restocked. There are specific bins for waste and nappy bags to seal used tissues which are then disposed of in a bin with a lid. 

Toilet breaks are still allowed, however, sometimes a child will have to wait to go so that the toilets can be checked to see if there is another child using the facility.


Playtimes and lunchtimes are continued to be at staggered times. Year Three have a playtime at 10:15am and their lunch begins at 12 noon. No time has been taken from learning.


As you are aware, every precaution is being taken to maintain the safety and health of your child but I am unable to do it without your help.




Through their time in Year Three, the children will be learning the Year Three spellings and each week a quiz will be held for the children to show off the words they can remember to spell. I will not be sending spellings home to learn each week because the children will spend time learning them in class. No work should be sent in from home. Please continue to take a photo and post it on Class Dojo. I have seen some brilliant work and the children received Dojos in return.


Homework will not be set in the usual way and children will have to complete it online. Weekly maths homework will be set - usually on Thursday to be completed by the following Tuesday. 


I will hope to be able to change the children's reading books at least three times a week. Reading has become one of the children's favourite past times d and I want to continue to promote it. Please be aware that during this time, your child's book may not be changed due to the new expectations concerning health and hygiene and keeping your child safe in school. Re-reading a book is beneficial for children as they are able to revisit vocabulary, story settings and characters and make predictions and expand their imagination. The children also choose a library book each Friday to promote independent reading in class.


The books that are returned to school will continue to be quarantined for at least 72 hours and at times we may run out of new books for your child. If this happens, encourage your child to read a book from home or visit the library.


Keeping in touch


School continues to use the Class Dojo app to keep parents, carers and children informed. Every child received the information before half term on a bookmark. Please be aware, you can contact me during the day using the app but it will automatically switch to quiet hours from 5pm until 8am the following evenings, mornings and weekends.


Help us to help you


PLEASE follow the 2 metre rule in the playground when you are dropping off and collecting your child. 

PLEASE be patient when we are dismissing the children at the end of the day. I am not always sure which child belongs to which parent.

PLEASE remember, Year Three children will only be allowed into the building between 8:50am and 9:00am - no matter what the weather conditions are!

PLEASE do not send your child into school if s/he is unwell. We are all in a classroom together and can catch a cold, sickness bug and other illnesses. This, at the beginning of a school year is normal and continues to be despite the situation. If you think your child's illness is COVID related, please be tested and email the results to school. We are unable to test children or yourself.

If we stick to the guidelines, there is less chance of another complete lockdown and the school closing.


FUNDA are running or wrap around care - breakfast and after school clubs. As school no longer runs this, I am unable to give you information concerning the arrangements and you should visit/Google the FUNDA website. You do have to pre book and pay for their services in advance.


Welcome to Year 3

As I am the Deputy Head in school, I am required to manage other aspects concerning the running of the school and work alongside Miss Lucas. This means that each Wednesday, Mrs Goodwin will be teaching the children in Year Three.

We have planned activities and share the same high level of expectations from the children. The children are familiar with Mrs Goodwin and learning has continued smoothly. I have a meeting at the end of the day with Mrs Goodwin and we discuss the learning of the children and any incidents throughout the day.



General Information


During the year we cover a variety of different subjects such as:

 Maths                          History

 English                           Geography

Science                           Art

 Design and Technology           Computing

 PE                                   RE        

 PSHE                                Mandarin        



During our English sessions, we follow Talk 4 Write. In Year 3, we cover: discussion, narrative, instructions, explanations, information, poetry, persuasion and recounts.



We use Lancashire maths across the school which covers a selection of different areas including: place value, addition and subtraction, multiplication and division, measurements, geometry, statistics, fractions, telling the time and much more.



Year 3 science is full of interesting and exciting topics such as animals, including humans, plants, rocks and volcanoes.



Topic involves a variety of different subjects. During this time we will be looking at a  selection of different areas such as Romans, making mazes, locations in the UK and Stonehenge art, different religions, improving geography skills and map reading.




Our P.E. Days are Tuesday and  Wednesday.


Please ensure your child has a full P.E kit, with their name written in their t-shirt, shorts and pumps. Children can wear black or navy tracksuit bottoms, a t-shirt, black or navy jumper and black trainers during winter as they may take part in PE lessons outside. 


Please don't allow your child to come to school with earrings in on the day of PE.




Reading: Children are expected to read every night for at least ten minutes.  Please support your child with their reading by asking them questions about the text.  Please sign your child's reading record and return to school daily.


Maths:  Maths will be set on the online learning website My Maths.  This will be set every Thursday and the children will have a week to complete it.  


Creative Curriculum: Each half term your child will receive a new 'Creative Curriculum' grid with different tasks based around that half term's topic.  Please do not send in the homework book but you are more than welcome to send photographs of the homework to me through Class Dojo. 



Your child will be assessed throughout the year. This is so that your child is challenged and enjoys the activities set for him/her.


We use age related expectations to record your child's achievements. 


We expect your child to be 'on track' to reach the end of year age related expectations. However, this doesn't always go to plan, sometimes children need a little support. If this is the case, there are interventions that support and direct children so that they can achieve to the best of their abilities.


We will report to you three times a year (Autumn Parent's Evening, Spring Parent's Evening and Summer Reports). 

Suggested websites to use.

BBC Bitesize

NASA Kid's Club

BrianPOP Science

Discovery Kids

Science Kids

National Geographic Kids



Leeds Museums & Galleries: Museum from Home videos

Explore Leeds Museums and Galleries through exciting objects and fascinating facts, with Leeds Discovery Centre's Learning Officer Emily Nelson. Museum from Home is a series of short videos which highlight a range of historical artefacts in the Leeds collection, with a new theme each week. Themes include the Romans, chocolate and Industry in Leeds. Accompanying learning resources are available and these videos are perfect for home schooling and bitesized learning. 

Museum of London's Fire of London Game

This great online game allows the player to take on the character of a child during the fire. It explores the causes and how we know about the fire, supporting children in understanding the nature of history as well as developing factual knowledge and understanding. 

Henry VIII’s kitchen stories 

This website provides some wonderful visual images of the kitchens at Hampton Court Palace. It provides some factual information about the kitchens such as home much meant was consumed in a year. It also has a video of a cook making Tudor recipes which can be tried at home - we have had a go and it was delicious!

National Museums Liverpool: My Home My Museum

My Home is My Museum is a project for four to 11 year-olds that will encourage children to learn about what museums and galleries do on a day-to-day basis. They will be inspired to think about how to bring an exhibition together by curating a display featuring their own treasured ‘objects’ or incredible works of art.

JORVIK Viking Centre - Discover from Home

JORVIK have got lots of great digital Viking content for you in their new Discover from Home page, including educational and fun videos, activities and reading material.

Shropshire Learning Gateway

Free, open-access learning resources and ideas set out by key stage and topic.

BFI online archive

The many free historical films in the BFI's online archive are an amazing resource for local history.

University of York: resources for curriculum topics 

Resources for primary and secondary curriculum topics based on archaeological evidence.