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What to expect

This half term will be an important time for your child at Brookfield. Not only are you dealing with a nervous, anxious or excited child, you are also trying to cope with a whole new situation. In Year Five, I have followed the Government guidelines and made the classroom as safe as possible for each and every child.


Each morning when I get into the classroom, the windows and doors are opened and all the tables, door handles and chairs are re-sanitised. The hand sanitisers are filled and tissues and paper towels restocked. There are specific bins for waste and tissues, which are disposed of in a bin with a lid. 


Toilet breaks are still allowed, however, sometimes a child will have to wait to go so that the toilets can be checked to see if there is another child using the facility.

Playtimes and lunchtimes are at staggered times. Year Five have a playtime at 9.45am and their lunch begins at 11:45am. No time has been taken from learning.

As you are aware, every precaution is being taken to maintain the safety and health of your child but I am unable to do it without your help.