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Reception Class - Mrs Isherwood


Welcome to Reception Class

Hello I am Mrs Isherwood and I am the EYFS class teacher. I work with Miss Carr & Miss Johnson Monday to Thursday. On Friday Mrs Goodwin teaches Reception Class with Miss Carr & Miss Johnson


There are 26 children in the Reception Class.


We are a self contained classroom with access to outside provision and have our own toilets.


Our PE lesson is on Friday. Please send your child dressed in their full PE kit with their school jumper or cardigan. A full PE kit is navy blue shorts, tracksuit bottoms or leggings, a white round neck T shirt and a pair of black pumps or trainers. All earrings must be removed or covered with plasters on a Friday.


Children should bring a named water bottle into school each day and fruit is available on the snack table throught the day.


If you have any questions or concerns please don't hesitate to contact me over Class Dojo. Our set school hours are 8am until 5pm. Please register to see regular updates and messages.

Curriculum Statement for Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)

At Brookfield Community Primary School we want children to enjoy their first years at school. In Reception we provide a safe, caring, inclusive environment where children can learn and grow in all areas of their development. Communication is important to us and we value the relationship that we develop with parents throughout this vital year of the children's learning journey.


In Reception class we use the new Statutory Early Years Framework as the basis of our curriculum. We plan for children to develop skills in the ‘Prime & Specific Areas’ of learning. The Characteristics of Learning: Playing and exploring, Active learning, Creating and thinking critically are also at the core of our curriculum. This provide us with an insight into the different ways in which children learn thus enabling us to provide an environment which ensures these varied types of learning occur. When the characteristics of learning are present solid learning takes place. The skills and knowledge the children develop through the curriculum helps them to make progress towards achieving ‘The Early Learning Goals’ and gaining a ‘Good Level of Development’ at the end of Reception which will give them a solid foundation as they enter Key Stage 1.


When planning the curriculum, the children’s needs are paramount. We plan activities and lessons to ensure all children are able to make progress towards the Early Learning Goals. In addition to this, we evaluate previous learning in order to identify next steps in learning.


In Reception we recognise the importance of both the indoor and outdoor environment. The children have free access to a wide range of resources in our continuous provision areas which are equipped to promote all aspects of the children’s development. At Brookfield we provide our children with opportunities to develop their gross & fine motor skills, to deepen their imaginations and also their sense of curiosity. We want children to feel safe and ensure that our safeguarding procedures are rigorous and kept up to date.


Our aim is that our children leave the Reception class with a love of learning, growing independence and are prepared to start the National Curriculum in Year 1.


Mrs T Isherwood - September 2021




In Reception class the team use a range of strategies to gather information about the childre's learning and development. We use observation as our main form of assessment and 'wow' moments are recorded. The children's learning is monitored and sometimes observed through photographs, notes and videos. Some Literacy and Maths work may be recorded in books or files or on display in the classroom. Teachers constantly use their professional judgement to decide what a child is achieving and what they need to do next. Staff watch the children interacting through their play and learning, we model and guide to support the children and assess the children using the non statutory frameworl 'Development Matters 2021'. 

Learning Opportunities