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Natural Collages and Sculptures


Nature provides some wonderful materials for making art: there are stunning colours, shapes, textures and sizes all around us. Although we can't roam free at the moment, we can find materials in our gardens and homes to make some creative art. The beauty of these pieces of artwork is that they are temporary and will be returned back to nature, sometimes within hours! Take a photo as a reminder.


Step 1 Look around you before you decide what to make. Sometimes the materials will guide and show you what is possible. Decide whether you want to make a 3D picture that stands proud and tall or a framed picture that sits beautifully on the ground.

Step 2 Gather your materials. It is a good idea to use only things that there are plenty of. If it is still living (unless an adult says it is a weed!) leave it alone. Be careful of sharp things or things that sting like nettles. Remember, if in doubt, leave it out!

Step 3 Create a wonderful picture or sculpture by placing or building up your materials.


Ideas for sculptures:

Art does not always have to look like something we recognise: sometimes it is just about making something interesting, beautiful or thought-provoking.  

  • Make a 3D person. Perhaps you could create a self-portrait?
  • Make a 3D creature: a centipede from a log with a hundred sticks for legs, a snail made of a nest of grass, or a bird made with logs, feathers and stones.


Ideas for natural collages:

Use the seasons as a guide. Divide your picture into 4 sections and fill them with natural materials: bright flowers for the sun, brown leaves for autumn, a daisy snowman and such like.

  • Recreate a favourite holiday memory, as if your picture were a photograph.
  • Create a picture of yourself or a friend.

    (Extracted from Naomi Walmsley & Dan Westall Forest School Adventure)