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Useful Links


Here are some links to websites to use to support home learning. For homework in Year 1 I would suggest the following


- Reading every night

- MyMaths once a week

- Phonics Play - especially the obb and Bob game or the pirate game 3 times a week - start on phase 3 and work up.

- Yoga or mindfulness activities - colouring helps with pencil control which in turn helps with neat writing. is fab for children.

- Writing - I will send out a writing at home book and a help sheet. I will add more detail when they are out. Focus on one sound a week in their neatest handwriting.

- Oxford owl activities

- Spellings - later in the year in preparation for year 2 I will send a practice book for you to keep at home and will send a list out on a Friday for the following Fridays test. Please do not send in spelling books. Practice nightly writing or sounding them out.


 This is just a suggestion which I have put in order of importance from a school point of view. You know your child best and know how much they can cope with after a full day of learning at school. Please don't over do it or fight them if they really aren't in the mood. Your child's mental health is just as important as everything else and the last thing we want is them overwhelmed with work. This is just a list of choices in case you need them.