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Home work

Please try to complete all the home work tasks with your child over the half term. They can be done in their home work books or on paper and put in their home work folder. 

Children can bring their home work back for us to look and and celebrate as a class. 

Children that complete all the tasks before the end of the half term will receive a prize in a celebration assembly.


Home work in Year 1 is reading every night (even just a few pages, it doesn't have to be the whole book) and learning spelling for spelling test on a Friday.


I have also given each child a homework pack with creative and writing activities in. Please try to complete one of these every week with your child. Have fun and be as creative as possible I will be displaying the homework in the hall for everyone to see!


Encourage your child to use capital letters, finger spaces and full stops. Use phonics when spelling words they are unsure of and model how to spell the tricky words.


It is vitally important that you read with your child as often as possible and talk about what they reading, please play the game to deepen understanding of what they are reading. Reading is the most important homework they can do in Year 1 plus every time they read at home they earn a sticker in class that goes towards a prize! no

Other homework may be given but this depends on work in class and how often children are reading at home.