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Communication and Language

Memory Game

The activity – Paper Plate Alphabet Memory Game 

Skills covered - Turn-taking, social interaction, attention & listening

In a nutshell this is a king-size variation of the good old pair matching game. Take several paper plates and markers and write some letters if you want your little ones to practice literacy or draw shapes, animals and other items if it’s time to build their vocabulary. What you need – A dozen paper plates and pens

Sequencing Skills for Younger Children - Everyday Activities

Choose some everyday sequencing activities and encourage the child to carry them out e.g.:

Making a cup of juice

Making a sandwich

Drawing a person

Play sequences-making a railway track, making pretend meals


Any activity where a sequence of actions is required. Comment on what the child is doing as they are carrying out the activity. Give the child a turn at talking about what they are doing. Silly me! Carry out an activity but pretend that you have forgotten how to do it or do silly things e.g. leave the juice bottle lid on while making a drink, carry out the activity in the wrong order. Give the child an opportunity to tell you how to do the activity/what you did wrong. Model the use of first, next, and then, last.