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Our Curriculum 2018 - 2019

Curriculum 2018 – 2019


Here at Brookfield, we follow the National Curriculum. More information can be found here: National Curriculum - GOV.UK


Our Intention.


Brookfield curriculum has been reviewed and updated to reflect changes in government guidance, what best suits the needs of our pupils and community. Most importantly, our whole school intention is to ensure that it inspires our children to learn, discover, play and experience the awe and wonder of new knowledge and skills.




At Brookfield, we have single age classes that work on yearly programmes of study to ensure they cover all key topics. We teach all curriculum subjects (including a modern foreign language at Key Stage 2) in a creative way using the Lancashire Curriculum Resources to guide learning focusing on the needs of every individual and supporting them in becoming independent lifelong learners with a thirst for learning.


The Impact.


Our whole curriculum promotes acceptance and engagement with the fundamental British values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs. Pupils develop and demonstrate skills and attitudes that will allow them to participate fully in and contribute positively to life in both modern Britain and also our local community.


You can see our curriculum planning in action by viewing our Curriculum Overviews. This  provides opportunities to work together to complete homework learning which, in turn, will enhance the learning in school.


We will provide parents and children with their objectives and overviews in Reading, Writing and Mathematics at each Parent's Evening, so that we can all share how we, as a school, assesses children’s progress against the National Curriculum. The impact of this is to provide the children with suitable challenges and a clear understanding of their  next milestones in their learning.


Most importantly of all, we want the children to have fun, to be happy and to come into school with a spring in their step! We hope that by looking around our website, you will see our ethos in action!


If you have any questions regarding the curriculum we teach please contact the school directly.