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In year 2 homework is reading every night. It is vitally important to your child's reading development that they regularly practice. Even if you read a couple of pages a night, it doesn't need to be the full book! Each time the children read at home they receive a sticker, once they have filled their chart they can choose a price from the prize box!


Children are also expected to learn their spellings each week, these will be given out on a Monday and the children will be tested on a Friday. 


Other homework (literacy and numeracy) will be given out in the children's homework books.


For the second half term I have given the children some creative homework activities which are linked to our topic of 'explorers'. 

These activities are optional but if the children complete them all by the end date they will be given a prize. Activities can be completed in the children's homework book and they can either bring them all in at once or show me each time they complete an activity. 


I hope you and your children enjoy these activities!