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Early Birds

Early Birds Breakfast Club is run by Mrs Coulton and Mrs Sharp from 7.45am until 8.30am each week day, term time only. The cost of this club is £3 per morning, per child and this includes drinks and breakfast. At 8.30am the club transfers over to the Drop-In Toast Club and this allows parents to drop of their child at 8.30am at a cost of 75p per pupil. Mrs Sharp and Mrs Coulton run the drop-in toast club.

Early Birds

Early Birds 1
Early Birds 2
Early Birds 3

Drop in Toast Club

The drop in toast club starts at 8.30am until 8.40am and is run by Mrs Sharp, Mr Walton and a parent volunteer. The club is run each week day, term time only and costs 75p and this includes drinks and toast.

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Night Owls

The Night Owls club is run each week day from 3pm until 6pm. Miss Scott, Miss Noblett, Miss McElhone, Miss Carr, Mrs Bolton and Mrs Walton, help to run the club. The cost of this club is £3.50 3pm-4pm, £4.50 3pm-4.30pm and £8 3pm-6pm, per child and this includes a snack at 4.30pm.

Night Owls

Night Owls  1
Night Owls  2
Night Owls  3